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Mel Weitsman

Mel has been the abbot of the Berkeley Zen Center since the seventies and was the head of it there in the sixties before his ordination as a priest.

Cuke Interview with Mel


Interview with Sojun Mel Weitsman from SFZC Sangha News - July 2, 2014 - with a few brief DC comments at the end
SFZC link for this interview

Teacher's page BZC site - brief bio

Posts by Mel on BZC site

Audio Dharma talks by Mel

Terebess page for Mel

Wikipedia page for Mel

Mel's Introduction to Branching Streams Flow in the Darkness



Umbrella Man: Recollections of Sojun Mel Weitsman by his Dharma Heirs Paperback – 2009 - edited by Max Erdstein and Michael Wenger

SFZC website article on Umbrella Man

Buy Umbrella Man through the SFZC bookstore


Lecture by Mel in the spring 1989 Wind Bell, p.36

2003 Lecture on the Enmei Jukku Kannon Gyo by Mel Weitsman on the Berkeley ZC website. Two mistakes I think are the "Jukko" in the title and in the line "And if you do something wholesome, unwholesomeness follows." which I assume should be "wholesomeness follows." - dc

Mel on Dogen - Youtube

On Shunryu Suzuki - Vimeo

On Sandokai part 1 - Vimeo

Tons more links to Mel talks etc on Internet and many mentions of Mel on cuke - just search for Weitsman in site search box on the Home or What's New page.




Mel's ordination at Berkeley ZC - May 19, 1969


Many more photos online - just do an image search



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