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Jeff Sherman

December 2018 Jeff Sherman writes

I'm living in NC and sitting with Josho Pat Phelan,CHZC.  My wife Kris and I moved here from Santa Cruz where we were sitting with Katherine T.

We moved here when we retired about 4 years ago.  Much more affordable than Santa Cruz.   I'll turn 76 this coming Friday.  No major health problems. Save my knees.   I was ordained this past September.  You can go to CHZC web page and see a picture of me in the most recent newsletter.   I'm the tall one. Dealing with the robes will take some time.
I left the bay area zen community around 1975 with Margaret Crowley.  We were married in 1973 and separated 1978. We talked a few years ago, she was living in around Boulder at that time.
I supported myself as a carpenter and then a nurse. I was away from any sangha until I returned to Santa Cruz around.
"That's all the news from Lake Wobegon"
This is probably the longest email I have ever written. 

I think of the old days often.  Tassajara living was the best time of my life.  

Enclosed are 3 pictures that I hope you haven't seen and can add to your collection. 

Sokoji - L to R: Otohiro & Mitsuyo Suzuki, Margaret Crowley, ?,?,?, Mitsu & Shunryu w/baby - On the right that's Phillip Wilson hold young child not his, Tomoe Katagiri, Ryogen Yoshimura, ? w/sunglasses

Sokoji  L to R - Phillip Wilson, Paul Discoe, Shunryu Suzuki, ?, Tomoe & Dainin Katagiri, Ryogen Yoshimura

Todays attachments are in the dining room at a birthday party for Suzuki roshi, you can see the date of June 69. I don't know if that's when they were developed.

Dan Welch gave him a rock. I recognize Dan,Stan White, Koben, maybe E.L. and others. 

Below - DC and Kelly, Myphone Hunt in background - Kelly was born October 1973 so soon after that.


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