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Brit was at Tassajara early on. I mainly associate him with Berkeley. He is a frequent contributor to cuke posts informing us about someone's passing or a neat article, in the background with comments such as this when I'd post about Dennis Jumpo Kelly's bio:

I remember Denis Junpo when we were at ZMC [Tassajara] one summer, and I enjoyed talking to him. His beautiful girlfriend dropped a $500 bill in the donation box on the sly. [69 was the year the US 500 dollar bill was discontinued]


A brief memory of Shunryu Suzuki



received Jan. 3, 2017

 The Woodcutter’s View


early morning warmth spreads the thud and whack of my axe

marking the village hours like a temple bell.

stopping for tea 

we sip in silence

       not caring when we pick up our tools.

oh yes, things do exist

as when a shout at the base of a mountain

is a soft echo in a distant valley.


I hope that you enjoy a sweet New Year of the Fire Rooster - Britton Pyland