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Loring Palmer

RIP Loring Palmer - November 19, 1936 - November 11, 2020

Photos below

Cuke Podcast with Loring 🔊 - 2020

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Loring's interview

excerpts from his cuke interview in Brief Memories

Loring Palmer on the Fourth Turning (of the Wheel of the Dharma)

Loring Palmer on Suzuki and LSD in Brief Memories

Loring Palmer remembers a doctor who treated Suzuki - in Comments

7-2-12 - Loring Palmer on The Conquest of Peru - his recent inspiring trip and trips there

from Loring's 2011 note to DC after reading all this on

RISHIKESH: Holy City by the Holy Ganga

NHNE's "Big Mind" Resource Page and a Candice link from Bro Lor

Got almost all the photos below off Loring's Facebook page. His mate Lainie put most of them there Nov. 12, 2020.  Just cropped some of them. More cropping to go.

Will also try to get the names and dates.














































from Ken Spiker 



Photo by Sally Chapman




Loring's altar photo by Sally Chapman


Loring and friends saying goodbye

Gone beyone - with a hint of a smile

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