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Shohaku Okumura

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Sanshin Zen Community in Bloomington, Indiana

Shohaku's Facebook page

January 1, 2003 message on moving to Bloomington

Wikipedia page for Shohaku - with a more complete list of books he's authored and co-authored that his page on

Dogen Institute page for Shohaku - w/books, bio

Books by Shohaku -

SFZC page for Shohaku

Upaya page for Shohaku

brief video interview with Shohaku

Berkeley ZC page for Shohaku talks

Good for Nothing - Tricycle article on Shohaku and the Zen Teaching of Homeless Kodo by Shohaku

Brief Memoir of Shunryu Suzuki and New England and how it led to Shohaku's first American group in Massachusetts.

Short documentary called Sit about Shohaku's son by his daughter with whole family

Shohaku's teacher was Kosho Uchiyama


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