Hakusan Kojun Noiri


野圦 (白山) 孝純 老師

Noiri (Hakusan) Kōjun rōshi (1914-2007)

Dharma heir of Ian Kishizawa

Hoitsu Suzuki, Daigyo Moriyama, Jeff Broadbent, Bill Shurtleff, among others studied with Noiri.

Noiri on Shunryu Suzuki

Terebess on Noiri

Shunryu Suzuki wanted Noiri to come to the US to help out - with transmission ceremony, with practice period at Tassajara - whatever he could get. Noiri was quite strict. I heard he'd accepted some position at Eiheiji and not stayed very long. I fear we'd have been too unruly for him and that Tatsugami with his drawbacks was the best person for the job. - dc