Elaine Maisner

Elaine   Elaine

Photo on left around 1981, in the “small kitchen” off the main kitchen at 300 Page St.
On right a recent photo in Chapel Hill.

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From Elaine:

I was resident at Zen Center 1975–1985, including resident at Tassajara, filling many different positions, for 4.5 years (in two phases). Priest ordained by Richard Baker in 1980. Richard Jaffe and I were married Apr 28, 1985, at Zen Center, with Reb Anderson officiating, and Thea Strozer assisting.

And we moved to New Haven in late summer 1985, when Richard started graduate school at Yale in Buddhist studies, and when I simultaneously started my university press publishing career at Yale University Press. (I had worked in other kinds of publishing in San Francisco during 1975-1976). We lived in Japan for three years 1989-1992, and our daughter Zina was born in Tokyo in 1990. While in Tokyo, I worked part time for Tokyo University Press and for Kodansha. I returned to Yale University Press in 1992, and then in 1994 we moved to Durham and Chapel Hill, NC, when I started my career at UNC Press. Here’s a bit more more on my long career at UNC Press, FWIW: uncpressblog.com/2022/04/01/happy-retirement-to-executive-editor-elaine-maisner/

around 1983

recent photo in Chapel Hill