Della Goertz - July 11, 1912 - February 5, 2012

Interview with Della Goertz

Peter Schneider interviewing Betty Warren, Della Goertz and Bill Kwong in 1969

1992 Wind Bell Vol. 26-2 - Della Goertz - Learning and Staying Young by Barbara Lubanski Wenger

Cuke Podcast Remembering Della 🔊


Della Goertz's notebook PDF is finally available. These notes are mostly on Shunryu Suzuki
Original PDF from five years ago was super big file. Kept trying to get it to work. Would announce and post and then take down. Finally cuke scanner Warren Lynn did it in Fort Worth and now here it is. - dc - 9-`4-13

Della is in Zen Aluminati

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Ananda Claude Dalenberg, Della Goertze, and Betty Warren.


L to R - Betty, Laura Kwong, Jakusho Bill Kwong, Della

Developed April, 1997


Betty Warren and Della Goertz
Developed July, 1980


8-02-09 - Barbara Wenger - L and Jana Draka on the right with Della Goertz on her 97th birthday. Thanks to Della's granddaughter, Helen Busby, with whom she lives for the photo. 

See nice photo of Della with great grandchild on card notifying her move from nursing

3-06-12 - Dear Dharma Friends,

We are planning a memorial service for Della Goertz on Friday March 16 at 6 p.m. in the Buddha Hall at City Center. I hope you will be able to come if you would like to. You are also very welcome to stay for dinner. If you plan on having dinner that evening at Zen Center, please call the front office at 415-354-0385 or 415-354-3086 to let us know of your plans. It would be wonderful to see you. Please let anyone know about it who you think might be interested. Directors, please make announcements at the three practice centers.

Please let me know if you have any questions or comments.

Thank you very much for helping to spread the word.

Rosalie Curtis

City Center Head of Practice

2-10-12 - Just learned that on Sunday, February 5th our dear friend and dharma sister Della Goertz passed away peacefully at the small residential nursing home in Napa, CA, where she has been living for the last few years. She would have been 100 this coming July.


Our dear, sweet grandmother/ great-grandmother passed away last Sunday night at 10:00 pm peacefully. Della was 99 and a half years old and lived a rich, fulfilling life filled with love for all living things. She passed gently knowing her family loved her very much and ready to embrace her life beyond death. Della's wishes were to be interned with her husband and son all together at one time, this will take place at a private family service in Napa.

Helen Goertz Busby, granddaughter

7-09-11 - I wanted to let folks now that my Grandmother, Della is doing very well. She has her 99th birthday coming up on July 11 and I would love for as many people as possible to wish her well. She recently moved from my home in Napa about 3 miles down the road to a wonderful, 24 hour private residential care facility. Della suffered a mild stroke in early May, that made it impossible for me to continue caring for her

by myself in my home. She has almost fully recovered and has regained much of her strength now. She has actually been more alert and talkative than I have seen her in a long time. A change of pace is sometimes a good thing for all. She enjoys greatly the attention she receives from "Jimmie" one of the male care givers.

Her new address is 3684 Jomar Drive, Napa CA 94558 and the phone number is 707-226-5684. They welcome visitors at any time, phone calls are OK but sometimes difficult for her to hear the voices. Any type of mail is always treasured as well.

Hope all is well with you and your families,

Helen Busby
Della's Granddaughter

balloonsHappy 99th Birthday Della Goertz!

Visited with Della at a residential home in Napa yesterday. She feels fine and only has a smidgeon of short term memory left, but she loved having me go over names from people in her past: Betty Warren, Ananda Claude Dalenberg, Jean Ross, Bill and Laura Kwong, Philip and JJ Wilson (she asked a couple of times if I was Philip), Grahame Petchey, Richard Baker, Mel Weitsman - and from the more recent past, Barbara and Michael Wenger, Jana Drakka, Blanche and Lou Hartman - and others. - dc

dc note about Della Goertz for event for her at the SFZC City Center 2002