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Issan Tommy Dorsey

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11-01-12 - Remembering Issan Dorsey By Adam Tebbe in Buddhadharma

8-23-12 - The third installment of Rob Lee's Collaborating with Angels about Issan Dorsey

7-07-12 - Schneider, David. Street Zen: the Life and Work of Issan Dorsey. Marlowe and Company, (2nd Edition, June 2000) originally Shambhala, 1993.  Here's the link.






7-06-12 - From the end of the 2nd chapter of Collaborating With Angels, Rob Lee's memoir about Issan Tommy Dorsey and Maitri Hospice, being serialized in (issue 5), 

In a conversation the question of helping other people came up. Issan's answer had been immediate, firm, "What else is there to do?"

Amen. - dc

6-06-12 - Collaborating With Angels, Rob Lee's memoir about Issan Tommy Dorsey and Maitri Hospice is being serialized in an online magazine -  The first installment is now up.  Rob writes to DC:

To say it's been a long time coming is a ridiculous understatement, but I don't regret it as the topic has such weight that time and contemplation have been helpful.  It begins with Issan but he died pretty quickly and the project took on a life of its own.  It's an attempt at something beautiful and true and helpful.  Not so easy. In editing this book I'm revisiting all kinds of fond memories, and with the hospice, complicated memories. Speaking of which, I hope you enjoyed seeing the look on Issan's face reading your card shortly before he died. He didn't have many good times in those months and that was as happy as I saw him that summer.

 Rob Lee's photo of Issan with David Sensuri looking at DC's card.