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a comment on the Table of Contents

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Updated last 12-29-07

This is the Sept. 2006 update of the first step (Dec. 2005) at a map of the contents of these pages, a way of understanding what's here and getting to it. Just listing the folders in which the site is divided in my Front Page file menu. It's alphabetical which isn't a good logical sequence. But it'll do for now.

2005 comment - I do this somewhat because I'm busy working on the NaNoWriMo project and fundraising and odd jobs to get by and haven't had time to get anything much up on Also I'm going to the Guy Fawkes bonfire at Muir Beach tonight. But I know there's tons of stuff here that could satisfy the cuke curious and keep them occupied for quite some time but the site is like, as I've said before, an absentminded professor's messy desk, or maybe like a labyrinth. I don't have time to do a really good table of contents so I'm just going to get one started so here we go.

There will be more refinement of the contents of this site.

Thanks - DC

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