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Phillip Wilson as found in Crooked Cucumber

Photos of Phillip Wilson with Shunryu Suzuki

Interview with Phillip Wilson

Some random notes from talk with Phillip

Memories of Phillip Wilson as found in cuke interviews and some other sources

Interview with JJ Wilson

Correspondence between Jeanie Stearns and DC

DC on Phillip

Rev. Eko at Shasta Abbey told Mel Weitsman at the Berkeley Zen Center  that Phillip had died

Berkeley Zen Center had memorial service in early September, 2007

So did Steve Allen in Crestone.

DC learned about Phillip’s death from Jeanie Stearns.

11-19-12 - Lloyd Kahn remembers Phillip with a neat Suzuki story

Phillip Wilson's name was misspelled as "Philip" in Crooked Cucumber.

8-10-14 [posted 11-06-14] - An email with memories of Phillip Wilson

7-20-14 - Phillip played dumb (Note on Phillip Wilson [1st name misspelled like in Crooked Cucumber] from Peter Schneider observation. DC adds - and he'd frequently talk in almost baby talk. With random other notes in darker ink. - in Group I  of 2013 Scans from Cuke Archives

4-02-15 - Another email with memories of Phillip from Scott Elofson