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People in, a hub of sorts - started 4-13-11

People Index or link pages - for more people, see Interviews, Brief Memories, Suzuki Stories, LinksComments, CukeSanghaNews, and a few other places for some stragglers.

Gary Snyder link page

Gary Snyder to DC brief comments on phone about Shunryu Suzuki

 Letter from Gary Snyder [posted 5-13] Better Scan of this letter [posted 9-18-13]

Brief comment by Snyder at the Commonwealth Club

Long Interview with Gary Snyder by Matt J

Brief memory of Shunryu Suzuki from Matt's interview

2005-12-09 writ on Gary

Two jobs for a monk and Two jobs for a monk revisited

Parting with Claude Dalenberg by Gary Snyder

Snyder on Brian Victoria and D.T. Suzuki

Gary helps with his take on the Japanese term used for Crooked Cucumber

A photo of Gary

See Jim Jordan needs to sell his copy of Gary's Wooden Fish

tons more mentions of Gary in cuke

what's new this year

There's a lot of old material that's as good as new if you haven't read it. -DC

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