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Film with Shunryu Suzuki


 There are four films extant with Shunryu Suzuki

Zen Mt. Center - - - transcript - a 16 mm film made for KQED, San Francisco

Sunseed - Zen in America - - - transcript - a 35 mm commercial color film on gurus

San Do Kai - a black and white 16 mm film with no sound made in the zendo of Tassajara while Suzuki was giving the [lecture details to come by Jan. 20, 2013] lecture on the San Do Kai. Some synching with the sound from the audio tape has been done and can be seen in the composit video One Particle of Dust. A complete synching should be done.

Nona Ransom's Japan footage has some brief images of Suzuki in the 30s. We need to isolate where he's in this film.

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