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Brief Memories
of Shunryu Suzuki, Zen Center back then, etc. 

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photo by Lisa Law


Tony Johansen
told to DC

I used to drive Suzuki Roshi to Los Altos - Antoinette and I would take turns driving him down for zazen and lectures. I'd go in the morning and I taught in the East Bay and someone would take him home and then he'd come back at night. We had to leave at four to get down there in time and one time I was driving him and we went up the Fell Street entrance to the freeway and it was dark and wet and there was a very very heavy fog and I had a 61 Volkswagen and Suzuki Roshi was in the passenger seat and Lynn Workof was in the back and when I got up to speed there was an Oldsmobile in the lane beside me and the cement guardrail on the left and out of the mist there appeared a flatbed truck parked in my lane and I hit the brakes and I started to slide right toward this mouthful of flatbed and the Olds and I were traveling at the same speed and I couldn't change lanes and at the last conceivable minute I hit a dry spot and my brakes caught enough for the Olds to get ahead and I slammed it into third and whipped around the edge of the flatbed to behind the Olds and Suzuki Roshi said, "Very good."

Tony was and I guess is involved with a sitting group in Santa Barbara which I suppose is the Santa Barbara Zen Goup.

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